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Ke Aloha O Na Noe'eau Saturday Classes 2022


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A Cohort of four Hawaii High Schools courtesy of State of Hawaii GEER Grant
















Class Descriptions: Classes are open for registration unless otherwise indicated

Tap Dance (Grades 4-8) Jayla Wakabayashi: Give it a try! Meant for beginners and younger tappers, Ms Jayla will start at the very beginning wih the basics to get you tapping your morning away! Tap shoes are not necessary, but fun if you have them!


FULL -Musical Theatre (Grades 4 -8) Christie Brooke: Singing, Dancing, and Acting all at once! Ms Christie directs classic musical theatre songs, scenes and skits for experience, discovery and fun! For all levels, both individual and group work will be explored!


FULL - Creative Dance: (Grades K -3) Nyonda Lane: Simple, fun and lots of energy! All virtual only, Ms Nyonda leads the young ones with a wide variety of music genres, from the latest popular tunes to children's classics and even musical theatre ! A bit of everything and a few musical games to start your day!


Digital Media: (Grades 7-12) Mike Pai For all levels of experience, this class is completely virtual, so students must have their own compter workspace at home. Suggested programs and requirements will be discussed the first class, but everyone interested is encouraged to try, regardless of technical experience or resources.

FULL -Tap Dance (Grades 9-12) Kami Wakabayashi: Give it a try! Meant for both beginners and experienced tappers, Ms Kami will introduce and review ,as needed, the basics to get you tapping! Tap shoes are not necessary, but fun if you have them! Hybrid - your choice in person at Castle Dance Studio or online at your home!

FULL -Film Acting (Grades 7-12) Christie Brooke Acting on Film is quite different than stage acting and Miss Christie will show you the basics of presenting yourself on screen. Film vocabulary, film etiquette, and tricks of the trade, students will present scenes and monologues on screen in thsi all virtual class! Open to all levels of experience!

Voice Audition Workshop (Grades 5-12) Callie Doan Whether you have never auditioned for a musical before, or have auditioned for years and need some new pieces, Ms Callie will help you look through, and choose the right 16 bar audition pieces for your voice, range and experience level. by teh end of the semester, you will have two confident vocal pieces ready for your next audition perfect for your situation!

Hip Hop Street Dance: (Grades 9-12) Dwayne Sakaguchi From beginners to experienced street dancers, Dwayne will get you on - and off - your feet and movin' with strong choreography designed for the specific needs and abilities of the class. 

Broadway Jazz (Grades 7-12) Logan Espiritu Dreams of Broadway? Dance your dreams learning the basics of Broadway dance with music from all types of Broadway shows, from classics to the latest shows to play the most popular street in Manhattan! Explore different styles and choreography that create musical theatre dance!

Basic Sound Design: (Grades 9-12) Robert Matsushita w/ guests This class will be totally unique! At the start, classes will be all virtual, while students learn the basics of sound design, what's what and what each thing does! Instead of meeting every week, the in-person weeks, held at Castle HS at Bright Theatre, will be double time classes, with hands on experience setting up, balancing and using a real sound system. Students need to have a computer or iPad for their own use, using a free or inexpensive sound program. Learn a lot in one semester!

FULL -Beginning/ Intermediate Ballet: (Grades 7-12) Alex Durrant Each class is designed to address specific experience levels, Never danced ballet before? Learn the basics, the positions, the movements, basic form and choreography. Intermediate level is determined by experience, for those who have the prior knowledge just detailed. Continue your study of dance with technique and barré work, whether you choose to come to the Castle Dance Studio or take class from your own home.

Exploratory Drama (Grades 4-8) Jeremy Hurr Think Theatre may be cool but not sure where you fit in? Acting, Dancing, Singing, Comedy Tragedy - a little bit of everything! Find out about the theatrical arts from a professional theatrical artist! Jeremy streams this all virtual class from his NYC apartment! (or maybe even on the road with a tour!)

FULL -FX Makeup (Grades 7-12) Caro Walker Who doesn't like creating fantastic new looks with makeup! Hybrid - both in-person from Baldwin High School on Maui, or online from your own home! Various techniques and tricks to design extraordinary looks led by professional makeup artist Caro Walker! Supplies needed will be discussed during the first sessions, but an extensive makeup collection is not necessary!

Hip Hop Street Dance: (Grades 9-12) Dwayne Sakaguchi From beginners to experienced street dancers, Dwayne will get you on - and off - your feet and movin' with strong choreography designed for the specific needs and abilities of the class. 

Modern Dance (Grades 7-12) Logan Espiritu Come to the west side of Oahu for some dance exploring the use of movement for personal expression. Open to all types of dancers, regardless of experience level! Basic choreography, and principles of dance wll be introduced!

Creative Movement: (Grades K-3) Rachel Lockhart All virtual - enjoy dancing in your living room, yard, garage or wherever you log in from! Fun and free movement to all types of energetic styles of music, just for the littel ones in your life! 

Dance Conditioning: (Grades 9-12) Jeremy Hurr Designed for dancers with intermediate to advanced experience, this class looks at keeping dancers healthy and dancing! Every dancer has a 'problem area" and Jeremy will address dance exercises and techniques that strengthen those areas making a happier, healthier dancer! Take care of your body so you can be at your best!

FULL - Mask Making: (Grades 7-12) Caro Walker Masks have been used for hundreds of years for theatre and dance! Fun and creative! Hands on activities making masks for a multitude of uses! Hybrid class both online and in-person from Baldwin HS on Maui. Supplies needed will be discussed during the first sessions, but emphasis will be made on easier to find, inexpensive items and things foudn around the house!

FULL - Keiki Chorus: (Grades K-3) Phil Foster Does your young one love to sing! All virtual class learning to sing from music teacher and performer Phil Foster. From simple songs to popular children's favorites, students learn the basics of singing by singing alone and with others!

Basic Drawing: (Grades 7-12) Scarlett Shankles Learn the basics of drawing and sketching and principles of visual arts. Ms Scarlett will lead students in discovering their own artistic talents! Hybrid - both in-person from Kaimuki High School's Auditorium as well as online, and while students are encouraged to use their own drawing paper and equipment as well, supplies will be provided. Begins February 12th.

Stage Combat: (Grades 9-12) Brandon DiPaola Learn the basics of fight choreography, stage combat movement, and of course, how to safely create scenes with the appearance of combat! Hybrid - both in-person from Castle HS's Dance Studio as well as online, students must wear easy to move clothing and follow all safety instructions.

Musical Theatre (Grades 9-12) Griffin Lockette Dance Broadway dances, sings Broadway songs and portray Broadwau characters, whether it is from classic shows or new modern productions! All virtual, NYC actress and dancer, Griffin, will be leading the musical theatre experience to students of all levels who want to develop all of tehir perfroming skills!

Culinary Arts: Baking: (Grades 9-12) MJ Matsushita Baking is indeed an art and fresh baked goods sold at theatre concessions can support the performing arts well! Fenceline Baker MJ will take you step by step through many of her most popular recipes fro baked goods you can make in your own kitchen! This all virtual class will require specific ingredients and equipment each week, with some items being supplied. 

College Auditioning: (Grades 9-12) Griffin Lockette For those students who are preparing to audition for one or more theatre or dance programs in colleges or conservatories. During the semester, students will be guided in their choices for audition pieces, monologues, and/or songs, prepare those pieces for their eventual auditions, whether they are this year or next.