CPAC Saturdays

Our FREE VIRTUAL Saturday classes were SO SUCCESSFUL we are doing it again! Beginning January 30th and continue until May 1st! Register and jump in at any time! Fourteen class offerings for public school students in grades K-12! Last semester 143 students from 53 schools  on three islands took classes from professional theatre instructors from Kahaluu to New York City!


Open to all public school students in grades K-12!  Please note the recommended ages for each class. As a service to the community, we are waiving all registration fees this year, but space is limited and filled on a first come, first serve basis! Registration that secures your place for all the sessions of that class! Email Ms Meyer for the link to the Google registration form and have your HIDOE ID number ready! All classes will be held through Google Meets but students may not be able log in with their DOE gmail account. We suggest registering with an outside account to avoid firewall issues.

Classes for Fall 2 (January 30- May 1, 2021) are as follows:

9 - 10:15 am    CLOSED Musical Theatre (Gr 4-8) 

                         Creative Dance (Gr K-3) 

10:30 -11:45 am   Creative Dance (Gr K-3) 

                        Ballet (Gr 6-12)

                        Acting for the Camera (Gr 7-12) 

Noon -1:15 pm Tap Dance (Gr 4-8)

                        Beginning Sewing (Gr 6-12) 

                       Jazz Dance Workshop (Gr 5-12)

                       CLOSED Coaching for Musical Theatre (Gr 7-12) 

1:30 -2:45 pm  Vocal Master Class (Gr 7-12) 

                       Tap Dance (Gr 9-12) 

                       Intermediate Sewing 

                       Beginning Acting (Gr 7-12) 

                       Musical Theatre (Gr 4-8) 


Class Descriptions

9-10:15 am and 1:30-2:45  

Musical Theatre (Gr 4-8) 

An introductory course in Musical Theatre designed for students in grades 4-8 with little or no experience. Singing, dancing, and acting all come together to tell stories - that's musical theatre! Build your confidence and have fun at the same time! 

9-10:15 am and 10:30-11:45 am

Creative Dance (Gr K-3) 

Most children, boys and girls alike, need to move, and love to dance! This will get your young ones up and moving introducing and reviewing basic steps and combinations common to most musical forms. Have fun, get some exercise, and gently introduce the discipline and art of dance all at the same time!

10:30-11:45 am

Ballet (Gr 6-12) 

Ballet technique for all ages and levels. Whether you're just giving it a try, or want to practice your skills, a no pressure class. Ballet shoes not required. Students should find a quiet area with sufficient space to move in their home, fully extending their arms and legs when needed.

Acting for Camera (Gr 7-12) 

Even the most skilled theatre actors sometimes find it difficult to navigate the world of film acting. For all levels of actors, gain your confidence being in front of the camera and learn the skills needed to put through a better on screen performance. Terminology, film etiquette, and tips for having positive on camera experience will certainly prove useful for years to come.

Noon-1:15 pm

Coaching for Musical Theatre (Gr 7-12) 

Interested in improving and gaining your confidence in your musical theatre skills? Ms Rachel is excited to be sharing her knowledge and experience with you, helping with details of singing, dancing, and acting for all types of musicals! Class will be small to allow for one on one coaching for both auditions and performances! Let's have fun and enjoy bringing your best self into the room!

Jazz Dance Workshop (Gr 7-12) 

Jazz Dance, Broadway style! The class will be focused on bringing musical theatre techniques right into your home. With an emphasis on classic jazz styles used in musical theatre, this class will help students gain confidence and become comfortable with dance and movement. Give dance a try!

Tap Dance (Gr 4-8) 

Meet those dancin' feet! If you entertained the idea of tapping, this is a general tap class for both beginners and intermediate level students, introducing and reviewing basic steps and combinations. Give it a try! Tap shoes are not required, but highly recommended. (If wearing tap shoes, students should always get permission to tap on the specific floor they will be having class on before class starts!!)

Beginning Sewing 

Always wanted to sew? Maybe you started, or tried, or just need to brush up? Basic machine sewing, introductory and review for anyone with a sewing machine at home! (Sewing machine required) Basic stitches, troubleshooting, reading patterns and terminology will help you gain your confidence and enjoyment of making your own creations at home. For the first class, please have your sewing machine, thread, and scrap fabric (or even paper) handy! 

1:30 -2:45 pm     

Vocal Master Class (Gr 7-12) 

For those with some experience singing in public, learn and practice specific skills and exercises that will develop your vocal abilities. Gain self-confidence in your singing, whether it's for audition preparation, getting back into singing after some time or concert performances. Come have fun and share your talents singing with Ms Callie! 

Tap Dance (Gr 9-12) 

Keep on movin'! A general tap class for both beginners and intermediate level students, introducing and reviewing basic steps and combinations. Tap shoes are not required, but highly recommended. (If wearing tap shoes, students should always get permission to tap on the specific floor they will be having class on before class starts!!)

 Intermediate Sewing  

For those who have some background or knowledge of basic sewing skills, hand sewing and machine. A sewing machine is needed, and a sense of fun and curiosity is helpful! Create projects that you can be proud of! Take up a useful and fun hobby or perhaps look towards a future of sewing and fashion!

Beginning Acting (Gr 7-12) 

This looks like fun! Where to start? Basic theatre games, exercises and vocabulary will make you feel like a 'real actor' right away! Build confidence and have fun at the same time! Griffin took her acting from Oahu to NYC, and not only has been successful, but continues to help others with advice and lessons!