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CPAC performs at the ELI in Honolulu.

The Unsinkable Molly Brown!

PLAYED NOVEMBER 11th and continued to NOVEMBER 20th!

35 students from six schools!

Molly Tobin: Kalea McLagan, Kalaheo HS

Johnny Brown: Aidan Morrow, CHS 22

Shamus Tobin: Caleb Kahala, Castle HS

Molly’s Brothers: Michael: Drew Bright, Castle HS, Patrick: Pono Lundell, MBTA, Aloysius: Damien Mendez, Castle HS

Christmas Morgan: Sorelle Hattori, Kapolei 22

Leadville Gals: McKenzee Espiritu, Castle HS, Lahikiola Kaihihiwa, Castle HS, Jaimee Kasadate, Castle HS

Gladys McGlone Maia Petilo, Kaiser HS

Monsignor Ryan Nephi Hikila, Castle HS

Roberts Tristan Hardway, Castle HS

Princess DeLong Madison Mattoon, Castle HS

Prince DeLong Isaiah Dutro, Kalaheo HS

Malcolm Broderick Mason Tynannes, Castle HS

The Ensemble

Giada de Silva, Kaimuki HS, Elisha Costa, Castle HS, Tanaya Tafa, Castle HS, Jack Hale, Castle HS, Faith Morrow, Castle HS, Jeferson Streiff, Castle HS

Jackie Murray, Castle HS, Jian Levi Calayag, Campbell HS, Carly Omori, Castle HS, Travis Feliciano, Castle HS, Lucy Mair, Kaiser HS

Mina Tanner, Castle HS, Simon VanYperen, Castle HS, Moana Simmons, Castle HS, Kaylee Cieri, Castle HS

Lilianna Morelez, Castle HS, Marienne Mangayayan, Moanalua HS, Emily Preis, Castle HS Understudy: Molly

CPAC presented at the Educational Leadership Institute at the Hawaii Convention Center on July 12, 2018 to a full standing ovation from the 1,100 administrators and DOE personnel in attendance. Made sure everyone knew the great things being done by the DOE Learning Centers!

2018/2019 Season 56

The Addams Family Musical

November 2018, Directed by Karen Meyer,

Musical Direction by Phil Foster

Choreography by Dwayne Sakaguchi

The Velveteen Rabbit 

March 2018, Directed by Karen Meyer

Seussical Jr. 

February 2018, KidStart Program, Directed by Karen Meyer, Musical Direction by Callie Doan, Choreography by Kami Wakabayashi

Les Miserables

November 2017, Directed by Karen Meyer, Musical Direction by Daren Kimura, Choreography by Ahnya Chang