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CPAC KidStart


FEBRUARY 24th - 26th


Since 1982, CPAC's KIDSTART program has provided two weeks of instruction in Performance Fitness and Audience Readiness to all fifth graders in the Castle Complex during the school day in each of our Castle Complex Feeder schools. Selected students from each school are invited to participate in our annual KidStart musical, produced each February and seen by all the students in our complex and well as offered to the general public.

Last year, KidStart was back LIVE! Starring students who currently attend a Castle Complex school in grade 5 - 8, a select group were chosen from our in school Performing Arts classes, held at the individual Castle Complex feeder schools over the course of two weeks, culminating in a song and dance presentation.

The KidStart show this year is a hilarious farce of the Roaring 20's gangster movies! This hour long version of the 1970's film is edited for both length and content. 

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